Slider: An Unsung Hero

**There is a published version of this with awesome pictures but I’m struggling with the technology piece so you get the written version, sorry.   If you visit El Vocero Cleveland website it’s on there.  GO TRIBE!**


Take me out to the ball game, Take me out with the crowd…this beloved song can be heard echoing throughout the stadium.  Men, women and children show their hometown pride with team t-shirts, hats and other gear.  The sounds of laughter, gasps and even boos float in the air.  A warm breeze blows off the lake and wispy, white clouds float in the blue sky.  There is no better day for a baseball game; an Indians game!  Fans love to cheer on their hometown favorites Edwin Encarnacion, Fransico Lindor and Jason Kipnis.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult to be a Cleveland fan at times.  The fans cheer on the players but who cheers on the fans? Who endures extra innings, rain delays and other drama with us?  Slider! Cleveland lovable mascot has got our backs.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Slider, he is both charming and knowledgeable.  Below are the burning questions Clevelanders wanted Slider to answer.


Yesenia: “Do you attend any community events, what type of events?”

Slider: “Yes, I attend events like picnics, private birthdays and hospital visits.  I go to events where there will be Indians fans.  I even attend bachelor and bachelorette parties”.  (OOO-LAA-LAA  Slider)


Yesenia: “What are your job responsibilities?’

Slider: “I go to a lot of events.  There’s a lot of planning and productions in the off season, so there’s not a lot of down time”.


Yesenia: “This question was very popular, what type of animal are you?”

Slider (with a slight giggle) “Well I am my own species similar to Snuffleupagus”.


Yesenia: “Have you ever been proposed to?’

Slider: “No but once a lady jumped on with a scissor style hug and said, “I want to take you home!”

Yesenia: “AND??!”

Slider (laughing) “She had no teeth.  Also, a man came from behind and started humping my leg.  He hung onto me until help came”.


Yesenia: “Have you had any embarrassing moments.

Slider (laughs) “In 1997 the Barnum and Bailey circus clowns participated in a routine.  It was a dream of mine to get into a clown car.  I was the last one out of the car.  The clowns decided not to follow the routine and they’re running around wildly.  They were running all crazy and the game about to begin; the pitcher was staring at the clowns.  I had to chase them over the fence.  It was a mess!”


Yesenia: “It sounds like you’re in good shape”.

Slider: “Yes, I’m 7’4 with the hat and I am always on the go, running and jumping.  In 1995 the 4th game of the ALCS I tried to somersault and it went wrong.  I dislocated my knee-a total dislocation.  Fortunately, fans sent me get well cards and even crutches.  I had a cast on and injury reports about my progress were announced”.


Yesenia: “Do you think you can Moon Dog, the Cavs mascot?’

Slider: “Maybe but not in the half-court shot though.  I’m 7″4 and I have a BIG BELLY.  Moon Dog could go strong to the net but my BIG BELLY would stop him in his tracks.”



Yesenia: “How old are you Slider?’

Slider: “I will celebrate my 27th birthday on July 23rd this year.”


Yesenia (I asked this question very delicately) “You are a big guy, is it to use the restroom?”

Slider (LAUGHING) “I don’t go #1 because I am so sweaty and as for #2, dont eat cabbage before a game.  I’ve had a couple code reds before”.


Yesenia: “Are you friends with other mascots?”

Slider: “Yes, I am friends with T.C. from the Minnesota Twins, The Phillip Phanatic and Rosie Red”.


Yesenia: “Do you have a message for the fans?”

Slider: Our fans are the best fans in the game.  I appreciate their love and support for me, and their passion for the TEAM.  Who doesn’t like a little attention?”


Indians fans have a lot to be happy about: we are first in our division.  We have talented, dedicated players and a great coaching staff.  We are luck to have our adorable mascot, Slider.  Thanks Slider!



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